Why write a book…

There are many reasons why I wrote CHRONICLES of a CORPORATE HIPPY, one being just the challenge of writing a book since I failed every single English exam I took at school and I can’t spell to save my life… I won’t even mention grammar or punctuation.

The other reasons are vast, so here I go with just a few… I was thinking it’s time that I spoke my truth, tell others from my perspective the life experiences I was having and how they impacted me and more importantly, how I overcame them. I started to believe that what I had experienced and learned could assist others and at some stage maybe even change the way we all operate as people.

Paying it forward…

I became aware I could hold onto what I had learned and be somewhat selfish or pay-it-forward in a way that was authentic and real, no bullshit! I wrote most of the book from that little voice in my head that we all have, the voice that most of the time is not heard by others due to it’s shocking honestly. I wanted to show that a grown man can be vulnerable with his words and be totally ok with it, if not empowered. This may lead to others speaking their truth and being vulnerable – not weak but vulnerable. I learned there is a massive difference… who would have thought?

So, the book is written as an example that it’s totally fine to be authentic and vulnerable with yourself and others. I believe the more you are, the better the life you live, regardless if you have to face the tough shit that comes up from time to time.
Sharing lessons learned…

The last ‘why’ of writing the book was to share my story, my pain and my triumphs with others and to see the look in their eyes of… Holly shit, you too! It just makes the journey that much sweeter to know we are essentially the same, we are not alone! We are all in this together regardless of who we think we are, where we are from or what we do.


“When change or die were the only options”