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Keeping the Human Experience Simple… Pigeon Style!

Sitting on my balcony this morning sipping on a coffee and puffing away on a cigarette (yes I know it’s bad for my health yet I enjoy it, so enjoy it I do) a beautifully formed pigeon glided towards me landing on the balcony railing as if it owned it. I lent forward with coffee […]

Life after the Corporate Rat-Race…

Over the last 7 years, my life has changed in ways that in the past would be total insanity. I was stuck in a corporate career of 15 years that was basically killing me day by day, studying business management, renovating my ‘fancy’ loft apartment and caring for my mum as she went through her […]

Why write a book…

There are many reasons why I wrote CHRONICLES of a CORPORATE HIPPY, one being just the challenge of writing a book since I failed every single English exam I took at school and I can’t spell to save my life… I won’t even mention grammar or punctuation. The other reasons are vast, so here I […]