“Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy is not a self-help book… it’s a how to help yourself book. The author’s brutal honesty and unapologetic use of the f-word helps to lure the readers into the darkest yet monumental moments of his life.

The book has a lot of obvious and not so obvious light bulb moments that allows the reader to focus on their own life’s ups and downs and the questions that ensue.

Was there a lesson? Did you see it? Did you want to? Did you ever think….F*#k! I am ever going to learn?”

Julie G. 35 – Teacher – Canada.

“Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy is self-help served cold. A dark personal story of letting go in every sense possible. This book will make you cry, yearn and leave you at peace.

The author is an incredible writer with impeccable pace, it makes the book impossible to put down”.

Eduardo C. 30 – Journalist – USA.

“Must read, once you start the book you are hooked until the end. Waiting for the next book to be published.

The book has been written from the heart.”

Julie B. 45 – Health Care – Australia.

“Reading Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy you share a journey with the author as he discovers that success is defined more from the individual than those around us.

The author grapples with the topic of what makes us as humans “happy” and fulfilled, offering insights and anecdotes which show one man’s personal growth on his voyage of self-discovery.

At times, light-hearted and at other times deeply troubling, the content is relatable and touches on aspects of human life that we all share”.

Chris H. 35 – Photographer – Canada.

“Wow! Love it… wanted to keep reading. I cried and I laughed, cried and laughed… the writing style is beautiful. The author’s soul is intertwined amongst the chapters.

I found it honest, heartfelt, funny, brash yet sensitive and damn genuine.”

Angela A. 43 – Financial Planner – Australia

“For the first time in my life I got this uneasy feeling while reading a book – it is all real? These people actually exist? Oh, my god…

It made me think about my loved ones more intensely than if I were reading a fiction book.”

Lina D. 35 – Entrepreneur – Lithuania.

“We don’t appreciate life if we never lose or fail… because of that we all learn. This book tells it all and is beautifully written.”

Natthapong S. 40 – Designer – Thailand

“A seriously talented author, Good read… Very moving”.

Maree P. 58 – Business owner – Australia.

“Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy is a tale of tragedies, trials and travels of a man. It’s heartbreaking and hard but also humorous at times.

The writer’s honesty and his expressive writing style will certainly charm the reader.”

Charlie T. 29 – Travel Writer and Photographer – Myanmar.

“I might not be the typical women stereo type but, I would buy and recommend Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy to my friends … Even my mom but, I would have to warn her about the swearing.

I completely got into the book and honestly it made me think … Laugh … Cry and that is what a good book is all about!”

Mariselle F. 35 – Hotel Manager – South African.

“While reading Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy I was struck by a profound sense of kinship with the author. The story is quite remarkable but it helps us to understand how we are not the only ones on a journey in life; one which is often painful and unpredictable but which ultimately leads us to understanding and knowledge.

Fascinating through and through, this book is difficult to put down. I found myself rooting for the author and being drawn into the waves of emotions that he went through on his journey.

This book is inspiring and reminds us that whatever happens in life, we are strong enough to master it.”

Caroline K. 40 – Writer – UK.

“Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy is an autobiographical allegory about death, losing oneself and rebirth. It might share a genre with Eat, Pray, Love, but all comparisons end there. McMahon’s story is a wake-up call for the corporate drones of the West.

It grabs you by the throat, forces you to confront yourself in the mirror, and demands that you take inventory of what really matters.

McMahon wraps this message in breathless narrative that makes it hard to put down.”

Jason L. 38 – Consultant, Trainer & Growth Hacker – USA.

“A sincere, humble and inspirational real life story of a man who has chosen to overcome some truly overbearing adversities by responding with bravery, selflessness, introspection and a pinch of irony.

This book will make you reflect on what is important in life and how social constraints can affect us. It will inspire you to overcome your fears and strive for happiness.

It will encourage you to realize that every challenge and every obstacle we face could lead us to a happier place if we learn to confront them constructively and positively.”

Denis Z. 38 – Multimedia Designer – Italy.

“No doubt, each of us has on numerous occasions pondered about the question of work – life balance.

Invariably, the same conclusions are reached as are the actions required to remedy the imbalances.

For many of us change is too threatening. It encompasses deep soul searching, and brutal self-honesty. Then the courage to make definitive and positive change.

In “Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy”, Tim does all the above, but by the bucket full. We share his journey of family heartbreak, physical injury, and “corporate meltdown.”

Then there is the bonus of the travel adventures Tim embarks on in his pursuit of change. Raw in the telling, they are an insightful and hilarious read.

Get to know Tim – the Corporate Hippy. He may not have all the answers to life, but he sure knows how to ask the questions of self!”

Irida K. 60 – Teacher – Australia.

“Chronicles of a Corporate Hippy soaked me up from the very beginning with its sensitivity and its sincerity.

In today’s world, values like wealth and prestige are on one hand highly appreciated, but on the other hand, more and more questioned. I believe the story is not only powerful but well worth the read.

Furthermore, I as a film director could easily see the story as an award-winning movie plot.”

Ivo T. 32 – Film Director – (Bulgaria) France.

“The Authors journey from Corporate Wage-Slave to Freewheeling Traveler is a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter. His family come alive in the pages of the book and you feel every moment of his journey.

This is essential reading for any-one who ever wanted to leave their job and embark upon an adventure.”

Bev T. 46 – Marketing Manager – UK

“What a roller coaster ride in what can only be described as the fast-track path to spiritual assent! This book is a message for us all: answer when the powers that be knock because, they will beat your door down until you answer.

This candid and insightful book made me laugh, even when I think I was supposed to cry! The Author says those (often inappropriate) things we all think but we’re too afraid to say out loud!”

Sharlene P. 35 – Psychologist – UK

“Tim’s journey takes you on a roller coaster of emotions within as he inspires you to live your greatest life. It’s a must read!”

Mark B. 37 – Movement and Media Guru – UK

“A brutally honest account of how the author challenged everything he thought was true, and transformed himself from the inside out.”

James M. 50 – Creative Director – UK