MENTORING & COACHING – Individualized holistic and suggestive approaches to living the life you desire in an aware, balanced, and empowered way for you and for all involved. Let’s work together to get the results you desire wholeheartedly, for your life!

“Letting go of what does not serve us is compelling, letting in and allowing what we need and desire is empowering!” 

Tim McMahon

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I have been very fortunate and unfortunate enough to have experienced so many life situations, be they good, bad or indifferent. The best thing was I had endless amounts of help, information and people to assist me in those challenging and confusing times.

However, a lot of the time I did find it baffling to decode the information, theories and tools to assist me in a practical way. Paying the lessons learnt forward in sharing with others honors my experiences. It gives them reason and my life a sense of meaning.

So, to sharing the information, theories and tools learnt from over 25 years of experience in corporate, travel, different cultures, self-development and spiritual-hippy stuff (mental health) is my #1 mission.


NLP – Certified Master Practitioner (NLP Top Coach), Thailand

NLP – Coaching, Certified Master Practitioner (NLP Top Coach), Thailand

NLP – Time Line Therapy, Certified Master Practitioner (NLP Top Coach), Thailand

Diploma of Business Management (Australian Institute of Management), Australia

Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master Level (Practical Healing), Thailand

Millionaire Master-plan program (Wealth Dynamics), Bali 

Wealth Management program (Wealth Dynamics), Bali 

Oneness Trainer Certificate (Oneness University), India 

Level One Spanish (Academia Latinoamericana), Ecuador 

Transcendental Meditation program, Australia 

Corporate Sales Mastery program (Tom Hopkins USA), Australia 

Marketing Certificate (Southern Sydney Institute), Australia 

Merchandising and Human Relations (Kodak Eastman Australasia), Australia 

Photographic Certificate (Southern Sydney Institute), Australia

Retail Sales and Management (The Kodak Retail Group), Australia

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