Life after the Corporate Rat-Race…

Over the last 7 years, my life has changed in ways that in the past would be total insanity. I was stuck in a corporate career of 15 years that was basically killing me day by day, studying business management, renovating my ‘fancy’ loft apartment and caring for my mum as she went through her last days on earth due to cancer.

From the outside, my life looked as though I had it all; successful career, money, loft apartment, brand new sports car, designer suits and all the trappings that go with the desired corporate lifestyle. However, on the inside I was; miserable, anxious, confused and health-wise, I was heading for an early departure just like my mum.

I was overwhelmed with concerns about my life, mostly the fear of losing what I had worked so damn hard for. I also struggled with my perceived ‘status’, being what I had and what I was doing gave me a sense of value or worth, or did it

 This was about to all change as ‘life’ kicked and pushed me in a direction, I thought not possible.

It started with, my mum finally losing her ‘cancer battle’ in an unspeakable and horrific ending, that no human being should have to experience, or witness – ever! This somewhat altered my perception of life, the meaning of God and what I deemed to have been important. This reinforced to me that life at times can be painfully cruel and you never truly know what is just around the corner. I had learned this especially after losing my little brother, also my best mate, to suicide at the age of seventeen a few years earlier.

Life after death… 

After mum’s death and the process that followed – funeral, selling the family home and trying to stabilize my emotional state, I became somewhat unhinged on many levels. I had become incredibly sick with what was thought to be Lymphoma (cancer) yet, it turned out to be a ‘double whammy’ of viruses with one affecting my brain. The doctors gave me the final ultimatum and it was brutal with regards to my lifestyle and more so my deluded sense of status.

“Tim, change your lifestyle and quit your job or you will be dead within three to six months.”

Looking back at the doctor and thinking, there must be a way to keep it all and my deluded sense of status, there just has to be a way! I was fairly sure I could work something out in that moment until my doctor got somewhat violent with this statement. “Tim, I want to crawl across my desk and punch you in the face, this is serious! Don’t be so damn stupid, you have to change or you are dead” And the demands continued for me to change, change, change! In my threatened state, I was freaking out inside, with not knowing how I would survive without all I had thought so important.

Walking out of the doctor’s office I thought to myself, ‘Who the hell am I, if I was standing naked in the street with nothing?”

This is when my life changed in a rather profound way. The answer was, I had no fricken idea. I was my ‘status’, my career, expensive loft apartment, sports car, etc. It’s hard to understand in the moment, that without a career, property or material things in your life you have no reference to who you are in society and corporate-land. I mean, we are conditioned to be identified in society on what we do, have and wear, right? Who are you then, when you are naked in the street with nothing?

Those life important decisions! 

So, I debated with myself for weeks on what to do, how I would basically turn my back on my corporate lifestyle to save my life. I finally made the decision to change; change everything I had worked so hard for and quit my toxic lifestyle, maybe not toxic, but I was not coping with what I had created in my life.

The plan was to sell or give most things away, pack a backpack and took off to South America for one year and this is what I did. I went against every social norm that a 40’s something guy on the brink of death would do. I unscripted from the common ‘western’ way of living and jumped ship to experience this.

  • Visited over 50 countries
  • Took 123 Flights
  • Stayed in 178 different Hotels
  • 120 nights in a tent, in South America
  • Lived, studied or worked in 6 countries
  • Attempted Muggings – 2
  • Detained in immigration – 3
  • Dead people seen – 1
  • Military/Police shoot out – 1
  • Near death experiences – several
  • Life lessons learned – priceless
  • Bombings – 1
  • Airport Bomb – 1
  • Earthquakes – 2
  • Typhoons – 3
  • Hospital visits – countless
  • Enlightened experience – 1
  • Medical operations – 3
  • Diagnosed with cancer – 2
  • Contracted Dysentery – 1
  • Contracted E-Coli – 1
  • Infected with parasites – lost count
  • Detox or Cleansed – 3
  • Photos taken – 8,000 + (Published in 3 magazines)
  • Featured in Spanish and Vietnamese travel magazines
  • Wrote and published a book – #1 ranked on Amazon Best Seller (July 2016)
  • Wrote and developed an impactful course – 1
  • Started a Revolution – 1
  • Money earned – not a lot
  • Money spent – a lot, yet the greatest investment in my life to date!
  • And a lot more

In the past 7 years, I saw and learned things I thought never existed or to even be possible – from cultures and foods to spiritual enlightenment to letting go of my deluded status. I sucked up every learning possibility that life’s university had to offer.

So why build an evolution revolution? I have spoken with people all over the world that are stuck in lives, relationships, careers, and situations that are slowly killing their ‘spirit’, if not them too. I have learned over the years, people feel on a multitude of levels, there must be a better way to achieve their desired lives, yet get stuck on the “how to” make sustainable changes in their lives.

I was there too, stuck in the herd and I understand these feelings all too well; fear, anxiety, stress and being overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn next – it’s a real deep-seated feeling in your gut and chest, with an added fogginess in your head.

Ex-Corporate and now Ex-Hippy…

I have now played in both arenas, Corporate and Hippy (Spiritual/Alternative) and realized a little bit of both in one’s life – is where the good shit starts, it’s about balance. For us to get there I would suggest a bucket load of self-awareness, (easier said than done) cut the negative self-talk and ask the hard questions of self.

This is how Corporate Hippy R-evolution was formed, out of the pain and frustration that daily life presents and wanting to do something about it… That’s WHY!

I will use my lessons learned from studying and researching the human experience for over 25 years, along with my corporate knowledge and seeing how other cultures operate in over 70 countries that I have visited. More importantly, Corporate Hippy R-evolution is bringing many people together to share and learn collectively, it’s simply – Strength in Numbers!

“My #1 mission in life while I am upright, is to share my lessons learned. Share the practical solutions to living an AWARE, BALANCED, and EMPOWERED life with better outcomes for you and all involved.”

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“When change or die were the only options.”